Ongoing Research


Removing Surrogates Uncertainty to Reduce Fear and Anxiety after Cardiac Events (RESURFACE) is an National Institute of Health (NIH)  and Columbia ROYBAL Center-funded innovative interventional study to explore the impact of curated resources on co-survivors and their feelings of uncertainty. The study hopes to investigate and potentially witness a decreased amount of reported uncertainty for co-survivors through exposure and usage of the unique content found on Heartsight. 

The study aims to deliver the curated information at three distinct time points that correlate with shifts in the process of recovery of their loved one admitted in the hospital: the intensive care unit, the in-patient floor, and 1 month after being discharged to home. Through active feedback on Heartsight itself, the administration of a small sleep monitor, and short questionnaires, study participants will be assessed on physical and emotional changes.

Research Team

The research team works out of Columbia University Medical Center and is reachable by phone at 212-305-4234 or via email at for any questions or concerns related to the study. Research coordinators speak both English and Spanish.

Sachin Agarwal, MD, MPH

Principal Investigator

Isabella Tincher, BA

Research Coordinator

Mina Yuan, BA 

Medical Student

Danielle A. Rojas, MS

Research Coordinator